Aldina believes that design is a language that which when used correctly is easily understood regardless of what language a person speaks. Good design is captivating, eye-catching, and informative. Each design element should serve a purpose to enhance the user’s experience with the object they are interacting with, whether it’s digital, broadcast, or print.

With over 9 years of professional design experience, she passionately offers and excels at product design, illustration, and animation. She is often referred to as a sparkly triple-threat unicorn designer because of her mastery of these elements.

Besides working in design and all things digital, Aldina enjoys traveling as it provides her with introductions to interesting new cultures and exposure to incredible scenery, as well as inspiration for her design work. She recently visited the beautiful country of Iceland, which instantly became one of her favorites. You can read about her travels on her blog, Type of Style.

She loves to discuss all things design and type and enjoys meeting and mentoring new designers. If you want to reach out the best thing is to email with the form below or contact me on Instagram!


With experience in the digital and motion graphics industry the design for your project will be the best solution possible online and on-air.


Whether it’s illustrating infographics or just a fun image for an article to catch a readers attention; I’m able to quickly convey the right message with my illustrations to support the overall story or information presented.


App prototype’s and video animations at a smooth key frame rate in a variety of programs ranging from After Effects to Keynote as well as GIF animations in Photoshop.


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