Bleacher Report Live – Operations Dashboard



When Bleacher Report Live started as CatchSports an Operations Dashboard was initially created for them quickly by developers without any input from UX or product design. It started out as just a dashboard to input league, team names, non-team event names, and logos of those events and the information where those events can be watched. As CatchSports evolved into Bleacher Report Live a lot more functionality was added to it which ended up making the operations dashboard overwhelming and difficult to navigate.



Looking at the old Operations Dashboard it’s easy to see how difficult and overwhelming the information is to be digested by the user. When a new employee on the operations team was added this was what they had to work with everyday. An overwhelming list of events that was not user friendly. For this redesign there were a few things that needed to be adjusted ranging from the UX of creating and searching through the events to the actual event field population.



– Separate the Operations Dashboard into steps that a user can navigate through with breadcrumbs

– Simplify the menu for easier access to a variety of pages

– Create a Live Admin section to push live events and to add replay’s

– View of all events created with ease of getting back into event edit functionality





For this project I researched several websites that were form heavy to see what is the best possible solution to simplify the form fields and have it be easier to navigate through for our operations team. I also talked to a few of the operations employees to get their opinion on what really irks them about the then current dashboard. An overwhelming response was the difficulty of navigating through the “All Events” section where every single thing that’s included for the event is listed out in an endless horizontal display. Many of the team members reported that also pushing events as live was a nerve wrecking scenario since nothing was clearly labeled or intuitive when it came to Live Video push.



Through several whiteboard sessions with the operations team and the Bleacher Report Dev team we came to a 4 step conclusion for the new dashboard that would be separated out into: Event Info / Appearance / Score & Status / Live Admin.



For the initial reviews with the Devs, I kept my designs in low-fidelity black and white. This helped with really focusing on the data and making sure that it was easy for the operations team to find and edit all the items that are necessary for them to accomplish during each event that Bleacher Report Live was hosting.



For the final product I added in a bit of our main red color as an accent color for links, toast notifications, and Live buttons. I kept the rest of the dashboard neutral white/black to really let the information for each event not to become too overwhelming.