Bleacher Report LIVE – Purchase Flow


When Bleacher Report Live launched each sport had a separate SKU and price associated with it. If you were a soccer fan you could pay monthly , annually or PPV to watch the season. If you wanted to watch more than one sport on the platform the price quickly rose up and averted some customers. The business side realized that B/R Live would need to transfer to a consolidated package pass instead of charging for individual sports. In addition to consolidating the price the actual purchase flow was not conducive to upselling the customer or pushing the business agenda of promoting the purchase of a subscription pass instead of PPV game.



The challenge for this was to create a buy box that promotes the subscription pass over PPV, and a purchase flow that would allow us to upsell to a user that does select the PPV instead of a pass initially.



– Consolidate the Package to 3 prices, monthly, annual and PPV instead of sports based pricing

– Promote purchasing a Pass over PPV option

– Upsell capability in the purchase flow



For the new purchase flow we conducted a competitive landscape research to see how different e-commerce company’s treat their purchase flow as well as how upselling is displaying on a variety of web products. We looked at the ones who do it best when it comes to this, which are Amazon and Apple. As well as other e-commerce website.




After our competitive landscape research the UX lead created wireframes of the purchase flow to show how each of the elements could work together as the user is going through with their purchase, especially how would the upselling work in our purchase flow. We worked together on adjusting the buy box section and the upsell function since the requirements started to change once the main UX was completed.

Buy Box layout ideas
purchaseflow sketch



The upsell part of the purchase flow proved to be the most difficult part of the whole purchase flow. Not only was it supposed to try and get the user to purchase the pass instead of the PPV option but we also had limited amount of space in the buy box section on an event page. Initially, the event page had buttons with the price and name of each option, but as we went through the review cycles that proved to be not the most visually striking solution. After some whiteboarding sessions we came up with the solution to do radio buttons instead with a continue button. Each radio button would reveal what the choice entails when you click on the radio button. Furthermore, the purchase flow when you get to the upsell part needed some reworking as well. The initial wireframes for the upsell section evolved into something different than what was originally in the functionals. It was to be more generic than the fuctionals had described. For the upsell, the solution that worked the best was having each item side by side in a box thats selectable for each item. Each box contained elements that would be available with each purchase option. Having the PPV and Pass items side by side allowed to visually showcase that with a PPV you get significantly less than with a Pass option which contained a lot more bullet points and occupied more space on the purchase flow.





The new purchase flow and consolidated package launched in June 2019, you can view the purchase flow live by going to and selecting an event to purchase or subscribe to the pass.

From the data that we have so far from June 2019 to end of 2019 we can see that since the new Purchase Flow design launch there has been a increase of +52.3% YoY of users entering the purchase flow as well as an increase of +193.73% YoY for purchase attempt events which is a huge increase! In addition to this 957 people have converted within the purchase flow from PPV select event to purchasing a subscription instead, which represents 3.6% of all subscriptions since launch of the purchase flow.