Boulder Engineering Studio


A icons pitch for simple but effective vector illustrations (8 total) for Boulder Engineering Studio’s new “Services” page. The design brief asked for incorporating the branding colors with simple vector illustrations of each “service” item.



I proceeded to sketch out several ideas I had for each one of the 8 Services that the company is offering. Those services included were: Rapid Product Development, Product Development Strategy, Design Engineering, IP Development, Concept to Market, Augment Your Team, Research.







I designed the icons in Illustrator based on the sketches by using a simple outline illustration of each one of the service items. At first I designed it in a flat look on a circular colored background. After reviewing the first designs, I revised the icons to a lighter outline vector on a hexagonal background shape to echo an engineering feel. I also added in a bit of depth in the background by creating a shadow.





To really get a feel of what the icons would look like immersed with the branding on the webpage, i added the icons next each one of the services that it would represent on the mockup.