Lamby Cakes


I was asked to create an identity and logo for a cupcake bakery called Lamby Cakes Bakery. I illustrated the logo by hand to get the right feel of the lines and re-drew it in illustrator using the pen tool. The blue circle logo is to be used as stickers to close the cake boxes, while the grey logo with the cupcake on top is for the website and business cards.



The client already had an idea in mind of what kind of style they wanted the logo to be. The specifics were: 1. there should be a pictorial mark of a cupcake somewhere within the logo and 2. it should be a cursive font type look for the wordmark part of the logo 3.the color teal was to be used somewhere in the logo. I proceeded by sketching out the cupcake and the name with a fine point pen several times to get a feel of the words. Once i got to a good point where I could visualize how the curves in the letters would interact with each other  I proceeded to scan the image and bring it into illustrator. In Adobe Illustrator I used the pen tool to create more rounded Bézier curve points with the handles and played around with different stroke thicknesses.




I tried a few typefaces to see if it would look appealing as the handwritten and path created on and I was not pleased with the typeface version. It lacked personality so i focused on refining the paths within the handwritten version by adjusting theBézier curves to be more rounded within the logo to give the logo a nice bubbly and happy feeling.




The final logo was comprised of a cupcake at the top as the shining pictorial mark and the wordmark was emphasized by varying the thickness between “Lamby Cakes” and “Bakery”.




I was thinking ahead of different ways that the logo could be used to emphasize the branding of “Lamby Cakes Bakery”. I decided that having a large round sticker would be beneficial and a nice touch to close the boxes within which the cupcakes would be delivered. I focused on largely the wordmark of the logo by rearranging it within the circle and emphasizing the color branding by combining it with the teal color used for the cupcake frosting within the logo.



A few examples of how the logo could be printed on the boxes or a round sticker could be use for the cupcake boxes.